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 Why Use ABCI for Direct Mail?

Now more than ever, you need serious meticulous planning to develop a successful direct-mail campaign that can standout and get inside the head of your prospect.

For starters, buying prospect lists and testing packages is expensive. Postage alone usually costs more than an entire e-mail campaign. By the time you've blown through the creative work and the paper, printing and postage, direct mail costs at least 15 times more than e-mail marketing.

But conducting an e-mail marketing campaign that does not meet ethical and legal standards today can be costly in terms of fines imposed by the government and complaints registered by offended potential clients, and worse yet, customers!

It also takes awhile to get results. On average, direct-mail campaigns can take four to six weeks to complete, compared to e-mail's seven to 10 business days.

There are still, yes still, compelling reasons to rely on direct mail, a few are listed below:

  • Generate traffic for a Web site
  • Target customers who distrust the Web or aren't online
  • Showcase products and services in ways e-mail cannot, such as via a catalog
  • Drive foot traffic into a retail shop (or to a Lunch-and-Learn)
  • Improve customer service
  • Send content or news, such as an informational brochure
  • Shift consumer perception of your brand
  • Builds your brand will used on a consistent basis
  • You don't need recipient's permission

We get it done and that's just a start.

The latest electronic mailing list databases and slice-and-dice psychographics have transformed old-fashioned, direct-mail methods. With appropriate lists and laser-targeted customers, direct mail is very effective. Its reach and credibility yields results that differ from other marketing efforts.