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Electronic CIM Example Direct E-Mail Marketing with Compiled Information Messages (CIM)

"Newsletters, especially compiled information message packages, whether as paper or electronic, still remain an excellent method to communicate with prospects and dealers alike."

We don't really offer a Newsletter, but snippets of information that are germane to marketing and your business, plus interesting to your clients and customers. We call it compiled information messages, or CIM™ and available in an easy to read printed from or electronic format.

There’s no question that staying in touch with past, present and future clients by providing quality information is an essential marketing tactic. It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a print newsletter, electronic ezine, CIM or white papers.

When you send out regular content consisting of valuable information people can use to make their work lives easier, faster, and smarter, readers remember you and will call you when they need services. It works according to the Law of Reciprocity. You provide quality information and your prospects remember you when it comes time to expand, upgrade or acquire additional services. But with ABCI at your service you don’t have to spend your valuable time reading, researching and writing your own newsletters because you become the sponsor of ours.

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