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Build Your Own Legitimate Email List

One of the most important things to do, which will help your Email Marketing strategy succeed, is building your own email list and making sure everyone has optioned into the list (opt-in). The process is simple, but takes time. Get everyone’s permission before you send them a “solicitation” or sales offer and/or “newsletter.” Of course, over time as your opt-in email list grows, many benefits may accrue if you continue your Email Marketing campaign in a thoughtful and professional manner.

Do you really think you can buy a legitimate opt-in Email List for pennies for each address?

Never buy an email list. Never borrow an Email list. There is no such thing as an opt-in list that you can buy, which is legitimate for your use. Think about the mere idea of thousands of opt-in Email addresses for only $49.95 or a millions of opt-in Email addresses for only $199.95. Would you ever put your Email address on an Email list and give someone permission to resell it over and over again?  Of course not, and neither would anyone else. An important key to you having success from Email Marketing is to use a legitimate opt-in list with quality email addresses.

Who is the SPAMMER? You or the entity that you bought the so called Opt-in Email list from?

Arguably both, the Email list buyer and the Email list seller are SPAMMERS. However, unequivocally the person (sending entity) that uses the list shall be construed as the SPAMMER. Again, get everyone’s permission before you send them an email with a “solicitation” or “sales offer” and/or “newsletter.”